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Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Leather Wrapped Gooseneck Kettle - 1L

The Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Kettle is wrapped in leather with a wooden handle for a unique look. Designed for master control when brewing pour-overs with a spout shaped in the gooseneck style. The wooden handle protects hands from heat and is removable.

Product Details

  • Holds 1 liter.
  • Body and lid are stainless steel, wrapped in (real) leather.
  • Base is made of 18% chrome.
  • Thickness of plating is 0.6mm.
  • Handle is made of wood and removable.
  • Base diameter 123mm/4.82 inches.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Hand wash with mild soap and water, descale from time to time.
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